Episode 8 - Casey Pfeiffer - Competition angling, travel & all things fly fishing

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Recently I got to chat with Casey Pfeiffer, a fly fisher from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. I've always had a huge amount of respect for Casey, she is a competition angler competing both within Australia and internationally, loves solo fishing missions and ties a mean fly.

In this podcast we delve into how Casey first got into fly fishing before jumping wading boots first into competition fishing for trout, representing her country in New Zealand and Norway, ticking off bucket list species and life on the road in her trusty van Kevin with her husband Lubin (The Full Scale Fishing Adventures). From trout to tuskfish, permit to blue bastards and everything in between, Casey sure knows how to get it done.

I hope you enjoy this episode, I know I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Casey and getting to know her a bit better.

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