How to Create More Time Freedom In Your Business with Ashley Gartland

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As business owners, we should be building our businesses around our life, not the other way around, but perfectionism can make that hard. Many of us end up working way more hours than we would like because we struggle to let go of certain tasks.

In today’s episode of Art of Online Business, I sat down with Ashley Gartland to talk about how you can start to create more time freedom in your business so that you can do more by doing less and achieve your version of success.

Ashley Gartland helps small business owners set a time freedom goal for their business and identify the shifts and solutions that will help them achieve it so they can make time for what's most important. She's all about taking a subtractive approach to business and finding ways to do less, better—and not so her clients can be more productive but rather so they can live more rich, fulfilling lives.

Less is more when it comes to achieving time freedom. By setting your priorities and determining what success looks like for you, you can work your way toward the time freedom that you want without your business suffering.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to determine your own version of success
  • How to look at your business from a life-first perspective
  • How to establish systems to free up time
  • Mindset tips for overcoming perfectionism
  • Hiring tips to help free up your time
  • Tips for finding your next team member
  • How to decide what to keep in your business and what to delegate

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