089: 7 Money Excuses That Will Keep You Poor

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Sometimes it seems like it’s easier to create excuses than solutions. When it comes to money, I see my students constantly finding the same excuses to avoid taking full control of their financial future.

Throughout the years, I've found that there are seven recurring excuses that people use to avoid going after their dreams and goals. I have also found, however, how to break through them so you can get your money to work harder for you. My goal? To help you make your money work harder for you than you ever did for it.

You may believe that things are hard because there are some obstacles in your way, but you also may be forgetting that everything is hard at first. If you take action while being patient and consistent, you will end up achieving your goal: financial freedom.

If you are anything like me, I bet you will be able to relate to one or more of these excuses. Yep, I had some of the same excuses but found a way to overcome them. Here’s the insidious thing though…I didn’t realize they were excuses until someone pointed them out to me. Let’s do this together.

Remember, when it comes down to saving, investing, and building your wealth, the best moment to start is NOW.

Today our conversation includes:

  • The 7 excuses that prevent you from achieving financial freedom.
  • How to break through the excuses to build your affluence vision.
  • 4 things that are going to drive your wealth.

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