083 Give Your Money a Purpose

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You need to give your money a purpose beyond the currency it represents. The fact is that those that have a purpose behind their money find that their ability to create wealth is higher.

My guess is that at some point you have wondered about your purpose, meaning, and what will make you truly happy. Finding that answer and the why behind it is not always easy.

The reality is money is simply one of the tools you can use to fulfill your purpose or get behind a movement or mission.

The other thing is to realize as life changes your purpose can change, along with the set of tools you’ll require to continue to move towards your purpose.

The fact is that money is always a result and never a purpose in and of itself; rather, it’s a driving force, the fuel that allows you to live your purpose, find financial freedom, and create an affluent lifestyle.

In this episode, I share with you some steps you can take to make your money work FOR you. I also want to help you understand how you can determine your purpose based on the context that you are living in because purpose is not a destination, it’s a journey that can as you and your goals do.

Today our conversation includes:

  • My definition of purpose.
  • Three things that can help you understand what your purpose is.
  • A framework to give your dollars a task.
  • How to apply the three phases of the Wealth Priority Ladder in your life.

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