095 Your Financial Advisor May Not Be Telling You the Truth!

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Are you getting good advice from your financial advisor
How do you know you have a good financial advisor?
How do you choose a good financial advisor?
Often advisors work in a company that ties their hands on what they can offer you. They also can have biases based on their corporate requirements or even how they are compensated.
The only investments that should be in front of you are those that are the ABSOLUTE BEST for you and your SPECIFIC Circumstances. Unfortunately, many advisors lookat investments based on suitability. I get it suitability is one standard but does not mean it is the absolute best for you.
Realize some advisors are simply sales people and driven by the sales process not the advising process.
So what do you need to look for in an advisor?
What questions should you ask?
What you should tell them you want with respect to your vision and relationship?
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