094 What to Do to Build Wealth in Your 40’s!

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What do you need to do to build wealth in your 40’s?
This special Wealth By the Decade series that was born out of your questions and requests to understand the specific things to focus on depending on your age.
In each episode I breakdown the key theme of the decade as well as the primary focus and priorities for the decade that drive wealth. This is about you getting right on the path to financial freedom.
Then I give you some decade-specific tactics to execute on and the things to beware of that can destroy your wealth journey.
Financial freedom is your birthright and this series will move you forward no matter where you’re starting from.
Now before you go skipping to your decade I am going to invite you to start at the beginning to understand how things change through the years and besides you can pass these on to your kids and friends depending on where they are in their journey.
IMPORTANT: No one is too late to start wealth building and it is NEVER too early to start. Wherever you are NOW is the best time to create wealth.
Each episode is the recipe to follow to get your wealth right on the path to millionaire status.
Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.
Happy wealth building!
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