098 How Entrepreneurs Really Build Wealth!

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How Entrepreneurs Really Build Wealth!
I don't have to tell you that your business can be your most powerful wealth building tool...
But if you are solely focused on your business as your wealth, as powerful as it is, it becomes the single point of failure for your financial future.
The fact is that it isn't just wealth we want to think about, it is about making sure we are living a rich life.
Richness is how we experience life and NOT simply the money in a bank account. Let's face it there are plenty of folks that have large bank account but are fulfillment broke! They are a miserable.
That isn't the way to live. You are meant for more and you deserve more for sure.
Even if you can get the highest returns from your business, there are other consideration to bring into play. In this episode, I give you a framework from wealth, richness and what to coniser beyond how much money you can make.
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