084 He Wiped Out $130,000 in Debt in 90 Days

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Get ready to welcome one of my very first guests to the show, Bobby Goodwin, who was part of my “money plan workshop”. Today we’re discussing how this workshop helped him get on his journey to financial freedom.

You’ll hear about how he turned the tables and grabbed ahold of his financial ship, little by little, by creating a plan, tackling debt, and starting to work on creating wealth.

Bobby is sharing all the steps he took to go from his “drowning point” to his “breakthrough point”. As Bobby, the steps you take don’t have to be big, because small steps become grand overtime and make a real difference in the whole process of your financial journey.

Today our conversation includes:

  • What our current financial situation looks like
  • The steps towards our financial freedom
  • How to face debt
  • Making the best plan to get out of debt
  • The concept of leapfrog funding, and we take some of our income to make different payments

Resources mentioned:

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