078 Finding Richness in Your Story & Your Life With Jude Charles

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This is a must listen, must watch if you want to live a richer life.
My good friend and special guest, Jude Charles is the youngest of 10 children of a Haitian immigrant family. His story is a story of belief, commitment, burnout and rebirth to a life that is full of richness, impact and meaning.
You will see that Jude does things very different from most. He is a successful film producer where is focuses on bring heart-enter entrepreneur’s stories to life for the world not just to see but to feel.
His special brand of work is about making a life of “dramatic demonstration” and allowing your audiences to feel you through the story. This has been the key to generating millions for his clients through a deeper connection with their customers.
But it wasn’t all a rosy ride. Jude and I talk about the day he woke and literally couldn’t move because of burnout.
The fact is most entrepreneur get this wrong and end up as a Treadmill Entrepreneur which leads to burnout, breakdown and ruin. We talk through how he came through it and how he lives his life in a much richer way today because of it.
This episode is full of gold that can move you from Treadmill Entrepreneur to Affluent Entrepreneur.
What You'll Get In This Episode:
- How much is enough and what does it mean
- How the belief of a single person can change the trajectory of your whole life
- What happens when you operate your business and money out of fear
- How boundaries are one of the keys to living your rich life

Jude Charles Resources:

- Website - judecharles.co
- Book (Dramatic Demonstration) https://judecharles.co/book
- Instagram - judecharles
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