Contract milking 101 | Ep. 37

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How do you prepare to go from being a farm worker to a contract milker? What are some things to be aware of, what are the foundations for success, and how do you avoid the common mistakes? This episode is the first of a three-part series on contract milking, which we’ll be rolling out over the next few months. Joining us for the first episode to offer some top-notch practical advice are farm owner and ag consultant Brendan Attrill and Waikato contract milker Rachael Foy.
Sharemilking and contract milking arrangements
00:38 – About our guests
01:36 – What is contract milking?
02:50 – Who is contract milking for?
04:41 – The attraction of contract milking
05:17 – Skills required
08:11 – Cashflow and financials
14:24 – Surrounding yourself with positive people
19:14 – Tax requirements
22:22 – Taking time off
23:34 – Relationship with your farm owner
27:02 – What to do before you take on a contract
29:43 – Final thoughts

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