Steve's SciFi Shorts Vol 1

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This first collection of Steve's Short Stories brings a mixture of the darker side of Science and what man is probably capable of achieving, whilst also bringing some humour. These short stories have allowed Steve the luxury to make a study of a particular topic that has reared its head in the world of science or technology and is currently being discussed. Steve through use of his imagination and word processor, has explored where such developments could take human kind. There is even a story that could be a ghost story, or is it about a ghost? To round things off Steve even glimses into the domain of romance. Something for everyone? Maybe, we'll leave it for you to decide. In addition to the stories, Steve also brings you, courtesy of the talented artists concerned, some great music tracks that act as the theme music for each story. Each track has been carefully chosen to match the subject matter and tone of the story concerned.

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