Flight 113 - The Glitch

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recorded on 06JUL2022

Welcome aboard Flight 113 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - The Glitch

On today’s flight, Rob and Alex join Av8rTony as they discuss "Legacy" Airlines' recurrent flight training event that Av8rTony recently went through, some of the new scenarios he experienced in the simulator, and how to settle the nerves most pilots experience leading up to and during training and checking events.

We also re-visit our favorite outlaw, that’s right!, Jet Pack Man is back! Did you fly this holiday weekend? We explore some of the holiday travel issues and what airline pilots are dealing with as news of pilot shortages, pilot contract offers, and mismanagement issues are flooding the headlines. Captain "Sully" steps down as an ICAO Ambassador and, what happens when an engine manufacturer finds imperfections in their latest engine designs? We will find out. We also re-visit aviation security and a recent Twitter video that has gone viral showing a Jordan Aviation charter airline incident involving a security guard pointing his firearm on passengers. So stay with us as we run our final checks and prepare to push back from the gate, Flight 113 of Squawk Ident is officially under way.


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