Flight 112 - It is Our Honor

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recorded on 16JUN2022

Welcome aboard Flight 112 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - It is Our Honor

On today’s flight Av8rTony is joined by Captain Roger, Rob D., & Alex D. Together, we discuss Captain Roger’s recent global flight adventure, we hear about Rob’s fishing adventure in Canada, and Alex D. updates us on his initial ground school progress at Sandpiper Airlines. We also explore the topic that everyone in the airline industry has been talking about, the temporary industry changing pilot pay scale at American Airlines’ wholly owned regional carriers. Av8rTony also shares his recent experience conducting an honor flight that brought one of our fallen soldiers home to rest. So stay with us as we run our final checks and prepare to push back from the gate, Flight 112 of Squawk Ident is officially under way.



[13:43] Roger's International Trip

[33:00] Rob's Expedition

[47:30] Alex's Initial Ground School Progress

[1:18:02] Pay Bump

[2:16:00] RIP "G"

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Alex D.'s intro - "19th Floor" by Bobby Richards

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