Sports with Mr. Factoid (Episode #53)

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Sports with Mr. Factoid is on the road this week, as the show will be live from my make shift Las Vegas studio for episode 53. The full spectrum of sports are on tap as always though.
R.I.P. to a legend in the National Football League, Junior Seau, who passed away Wednesday.
Hometown Notes will look in on the St. Louis Blues continued playoff run, the Cardinals, and the St. Louis Rams post NFL Draft.
Previous Story Updates will quickly examine the Los Angeles Dodgers sale becoming official, and a recap of the Chad Dawson versus Bernard Hopkins light heavyweight fight from last Saturday night.
Top Headlines will include the #BountyGate scandal in New Orleans, some NBA notes, and much more.
Get Plugged returns wit your chance to plug your radio show or website, plus a new Dumb Athlete of the Week will be crowned.
Making the Rounds is all about Mosley/Alvarez, and Mayweather/Cotto, so if you're into boxing, give me a ring during the segment with your thoughts and opinions!
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