Episode 222: Sofia Coppola & Alison Brie

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It's all about girl power on this latest episode of Soundtracking, with not one but two women at the very top of their game.

First up is Sofia Coppola, returning to the podcast to discuss her new film, On The Rocks, which she both wrote and directed. Starring Rashida Jones and Bill Murray, it tells the story of Laura, a mum having doubts about her marriage whose charming yet cynical father, Felix, suggests her husband may be having an affair. It's streaming on Apple TV now, and sees both leads on fine, fine form.

Then Edith is joined by Alison Brie. Best known for her roles in Mad Men, Community and Glow, Alison has now directed an episode of Marvel 616. Marvel 616 is a series of 8 documentaries about everyday folk who are in some way connected to the universe of the comics. We'll let her explain further during the interview, but you can find out what it's all about for yourselves on Disney+

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