Episode 207: Terence Blanchard On The Music Of Da 5 Bloods, Perry Mason & Spike Lee

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We have a proper legend for you on our latest episode of Soundtracking in the shape of virtuoso trumpeter and composer, Terence Blanchard.

A well-established jazz musician in his own right, Terence was given a break scoring Jungle Fever by Spike Lee, for whom he's subsequently become the 'go-to' guy. Malcolm X and The BlacKkKlansman are just a couple of the movies they've joined forces on.

Their latest collaboration is Da 5 Bloods, which you can watch now on Netflix. He's also just provided the music for HBO's Perry Mason - with the score for that available via our good friends at Water Tower Music.
As ever, we'll sprinkle plenty of Terence's music throughout the conversation, so sit back and enjoy.

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