Full Spectrum Sobriety with Goddexx

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Full-spectrum life coach Goddexx on transcending binaries, the roots of codependency, and embracing the fullness of who we are - in sobriety and beyond. In the episode we discuss:

-Their experiences with food addiction in childhood – related to food insecurity in the home

-Starting to abuse alcohol in tandem with coming into their bi-sexuality

-Toggling between different addictions to manage different situations and emotional challenges

-Discovering and enacting their own “harm reduction” approach to substance abuse

-The role of codependency in dysfunctional families – and why this is especially prevalent in migrant and other marginalized communities

-The prevalence of alcohol and other drugs in queer spaces as a way of numbing out internalized homophobia and transphobia

-Their work creating sober circles and spaces for healing in the QTBIPOC space

-The value of ritual, spell-work, and other forms of spiritual practice in sobriety

-Healing from intergenerational trauma – and the role of substance abuse in numbing the pain of the past

-What it means to live a “full spectrum” life – and why this concept can be frightening for people

-The value of boundaries when it comes to embracing fluidity

Learn more about Goddexx and their work HERE and follow them on Instagram @iamgoddexx.

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