Lovelock, NV - Werner Herzog Barters for a Didgeridoo

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Welcome to Lovelock, Nevada, known as the "Banana Belt" for its mild high desert climate and more than 230 days of sunshine each year. Originally called Big Meadows, the town sprang up at the midpoint of the Humboldt Trail to California. George Lovelock bought the squatters' right for the area in 1866 and town was ultimately names after him. The railroad arrived in 1868 and a lively town grew up around it due to mining and agriculture in the area. Lovelock incorporated in 1917 and became the seat of Pershing County in 1919. The town's economy is based predominantly on agriculture and mining, but tourism continues to grow. There are a number of local festivals including the IDES Poruguese Festival in May and Frontier Days weekend in July. Perhaps the most recognized festival in the area is Burning Man, which is held in the Black Rock Desert in Pershing County each summer. We hope you enjoy our visit to Lovelock!

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