Londonderry, NH - Massive Prisoner Layoffs at the State Penitentiary

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Welcome to Londonderry, New Hampshire, where "Business Is Good, Life Is Better." Established in 1722, the town is located in Rockingham County in southern New Hampshire. The town was named after Londonderry in northern Ireland after a successful petition by local Scots Irish immigrants. Three years before the town was established, the first potato grown in the US was harvested in Londonderry. Linen making was an early industry in Londonderry. Londonderry linen was considered to be the finest linen produced in New England and is reported to have been worn by both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. By the early 1800's apple's became a major crop in the area and are now sold worldwide. The town has been called home by a number of notable people including Ocean Born Mary and James Wilson. Dr. Jess introduces us to these interesting characters in this week's Town Tidbits. We hope you enjoy our trip to Londonderry!

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