Churubusco, IN - Sexy Detectives Find New Uses for Coffins

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Welcome to Churubusco, Indiana, Turtle City, USA! Named after the location of a battle during the Mexican-American War, the area was originally two towns that bordered each other across a railroad track. In the 1840s, both towns grew large enough to have their own post office, and the Postmaster General required the towns to apply for a joint post office. Because both of the towns original names were already taken by other Indiana towns, they settled on Churubusco with the thought that no other town would have that name. The town hosts the oldest continually held festival in Indiana, Turtle Days. The festival is based around the local legend of the Beast of Busco, also know as Oscar the Turtle. Oscar is said to be a 500 lbs snapping turtle that hides in a local lake. The festival includes a parade, carnival, and turtle races. The town was also home to Warner Brothers Pictures co-founding executive Paul Chase. We hope you enjoy our trip to Busco!

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