Parenting; technology is like candy, restrict the candy! Co-Presenter Kristen Coggan

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Dr Kirsten Hunter द्वारा - Player FM और हमारे समुदाय द्वारा खोजे गए - कॉपीराइट प्रकाशक द्वारा स्वामित्व में है, Player FM द्वारा नहीं, और ऑडियो सीधे उनके सर्वर से स्ट्रीम किया जाता है। Player FM में अपडेट ट्रैक करने के लिए ‘सदस्यता लें’ बटन दबाएं, या फीड यूआरएल को अन्य डिजिटल ऑडियो फ़ाइल ऐप्स में पेस्ट करें।

Okay, I'm going to be very unpopular with many parents, children and teenagers here, but let's talk about the tidal wave of technology that our youth are consumed in. In their natural state they are wanting to be plugged in 24/7. Who is the decision maker here? Who is the bad guy and needs to create some boundaries so that our children and teens know how to function without a screen in their face? Parents! What a tough gig we face. Let's talk.

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