541: An NFL Oasis In Sight (w/ the NBA on the Distant Horizon) - All Around the Summer Sports Drought, w/ the Guru, Gabe Goldfield - The Roundup Podcast

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On today’s show, we’re back from hiatus just in time to get ready for some football. It’s not like we missed much; after all, July was a dead spot in the NBA offseason, my Giants fell out of the NL West race and the biggest news out there was from the train wreck that is the Deshaun Watson saga. But vacation is over, the busiest time of the year for us is coming and it’s time to delve back into the sports world. NFL preseason is already underway so today we’re weighing in with our most macro and reductionist of analyzations as to who should contend and whose season is over before it starts. Plus, Kevin Durant has doubled down on his trade demands and it’s looking more and more like a return to Golden State could be the best fit for all parties, except maybe for the Warriors themselves. So sit back, the summer sports drought is ending with NFL games just weeks away and the NBA following shortly after and we’re breaking down how it’s all unfolding, next on the Roundup Podcast so let’s get rolling . . .

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