Fear of Change, Getting Uncomfortable & Breaking Routine to Get Re-Inspired With Michelle Wolfe

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This episode has themes of: Community, Scarcity Mindset, Meditation, Breaking Routines, Fear of Change, Resistance, Your Comfort Zone, Intuitive Self-Awareness and Perspective Shifts.

We are on the mic together again, this episode is a candid chat with my friend Michelle Wolfe, host of the Muve Forward podcast and Founder of Muve Life Apparel.

We had a beautiful 3 day getaway in the woods, worked hard, took care of ourselves hard and re-inspired our lives with a fantastic routine, perspective and work ethic shift.

This episode is all about how we can subconsciously get in our own way, the conditioned mind and how we resist things that challenge us and help us grow, meditation, and why boring isn't bad.

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Want to know more about Michelle?

Website: MuveLife.com

Social: instagram.com/themichellewolfe

Podcast: www.themichellewolfe.com

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