47: Raising Kingdom Kids. ALL THE THINGS on Our Mama Hearts - TOO Good Not to Record for You With Kristi McGihon! Part 1 of 3

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Hi Mama!

I see you! Your heart desires so strongly to live out your motherhood purpose, God’s purpose for your life, and help your kids know and follow Him, but it's hard, especially as a working mom. You’re exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, don’t have time, and worried that you are not doing enough for your kids.

In this three-part series, I invite you into a Holy Spirit-led mama-to-mama conversation that I had with my incredible friend and mentor, Kristi McGihon from Champions Built. This friend talk was WAY too GOOD not to hit record and share with you!

We talk about ALL THE THINGS on our Christian, God-loving mama hearts! This is MUST LISTEN. You are not gonna want to miss these episodes. We dive deep into:

  1. How to raise kingdom kids-partnering with God and not the enemy

  2. Lessons learned

  3. The two most important filters to use before you respond to your kid

  4. How to mother to the natural bent of your child

  5. How to deescalate a situation and transform your mind and heart

  6. Expectations of a mother and being rooted in the right expectations so that the enemy does not take you off course

  7. What to do when you feel like you messed up with your kids or you are experiencing trials

  8. Surrendering your kids to God

  9. How to trust in the Lord


Can’t wait!! I pray this blesses you and your kids in a God-size way.

Rooted in God’s love.

Blessings, Cynthia 💖

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