20. Finding Your AND Your Child’s Identity in Christ! Part 2 of 3

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Hello Sweet Mama!

Welcome back to the Rooted Working Mom show! Today's episodes is part 2 of 3 of Finding Your AND Your Child’s Identity in Christ! with special guests and God-led mom, Bethany Johnson.

If you haven’t experienced part 1 (episode 19), please go back and listen to that one and then come back to this one.

In this episode we continue to explore the important questions: ``Who am I?”; “Who does God say I am?”; and “Who is my child created to be?”

We dive deep into helping you answer these questions and find your TRUE identity in Christ, for both you and your children.

I share my personal miscarriage experience and we talk about healing through loss. m

Bethany walks you through how to speak truth and stand up for your children so they can grow into who God made them to be.

Ever feel like you are in a battle field and constantly feeling beat up? Well you are in the right place! Bethany teaches you how to pray into your children’s spirit, particularly when they are not with God. Partnered with the Holy Spirit, these three episodes have the power to radically transform your life!

A bit on Bethany:
Bethany is a mom of 7, she has an incredible story of being a mamma of 1 while widowed when pregnant with her 2nd. Bethany was an elementary teacher and she is committed to helping parents become healthy and whole mentally and physically to be at their best for their children and callings.

Bethany and her husband Wayne, now lead a multi-million dollar business, while homeschooling their children. One of their greatest joys is helping people know their identity.

Since 2016 Bethany has been following God's leading in growing her understanding of identity and she has engaged in Identity courses that are Holy Spirit led. Her passion as a mom of 7 is equipping mothers in knowing their God given identity so they can go out in the world and empower it as they truly know the calling of being a mom and how God has strategically positioned us to be moms in such a time like this.

She helps moms know who they are so they can go out in the world and heal others. As healed people heal people. As mothers who are whole we can then impart wholeness and help our children know their identity so they know their God given calling and walk out the reason God has placed them here in this time.

Spreading God’s love!


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