How The Jehovah's Witness Corporation Solicits Money

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As a publishing company, Watchtower amassed considerable wealth from the sale of literature from the 1800's to the 1990s. There was no need to resort to the same collection efforts typical of other religious groups. This changed in 1990 with a tax ruling against Jimmy Swaggart. In 1988, Jimmy Swaggart was taken to court in the case Swaggart Ministries v. California Board of Equalization. This was with regard to paying tax on profit derived from sales of religious material. Realizing a ruling against Swaggart could result in the sale of Watchtower publications being taxed, Watchtower filed as friend of the court to show support for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries retaining tax exempt status. The Supreme Court ruled against Swaggart on January 17th, 1990, ordering him to pay back taxes. Well, the sale of Watchtower publications fell under this ruling. Watchtower decided that rather than pay tax on the money it was receiving from the sale of Watchtower literature, it would be better to direct Jehovah's Witnesses to start asking for donations from people who accepted Watchtower journals in the house to house ministry work. This led to a decline in income. This video shows how the Governing Body solicits money from the Jehovah's Witnesses, including from the poor and children. Buy my book Losing The Faith: Amazon Buy my book Cults: How They Work Amazon

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