Ep. 98 - New USA Powerlifting Meet Schedule

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Episode 98 (7/6/22)
2023 Schedule:

    • November 2022 through March 2023
    • June – August
    • March – Military Nationals
    • March – High School Nationals
    • April – Collegiate Nationals
    • June – Equipped Nationals (Teen, Jr, Open, Masters)
    • August – Youth & Bench Press Nationals
    • September – Raw Nationals (Teen, Jr, Open, Masters)
    • March – Arnold Sports Festival
    • June – Equipped Nationals
    • August – Bench Press Nationals
    • September – Raw Nationals
    • December – Virginia Pro
      • The additional Pro Series events to be announced by Sept 1, 2022
  • Our first INTERNATIONAL event will be held in Melbourne Australia, December 3-4, 2022. Watch for more formal international competitions coming online in 2023!

  • Next Contest:

  • Top 5 TV Intro Songs
  • Link in Bio of PLBalladspodcast IG
  • Deadline 7/16/22
  • Secret Code: ??

You rub a magic chalk bowl and out pops a powerlifting genie. This genie grants you 3 powerlifting related wishes. 1 wish for yourself. 2 wishes for others. Who and what do you wish for?

NEVER, EVER go up after missing an opener...
99.9% of the time, one should not go up after missing an opener, especially as a new lifter. There is still that 0.1% that the situation may call for it, so... never say never, but in general, don't do it. Agree or Disagree?

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