Ep. 95 - USA Powerlifting Nationals - Team Rohr Preview

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Episode 95 (6/8/22)
Nationals Preview:
13 Lifters from Team Rohr: Dmitry Lampe, Serena Thomas, Gretchen Patios, James Vang, Stacie Metcalfe, Amy Pancake, Olivia Vilella, Jo House, Cindi Jaeger, Katey Dodge, Alicia Webb, Chris Elmore, John Lampe
NGB Meeting on Monday following Nationals Week.

PL Situation
When you are 3 out, you get out of your chair and walk to the chalk bowl, leaving your headphones on your chair and your drinks under the chair. When you return from your attempt, you find your headphones on the ground and another lifter sitting in your chair. There are no other empty chairs but there are a few coaches sitting in other chairs. What do you do?
New Lifter Tip
Do not use ammonia or smelling salts for the very first time at a meet. Try them in training first. Agree or Disagree?
30 Burpees vs Bench Only Meet wager between Josh and Lara. Georgia Sate Bench Press Championships in October

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