Ep. 89 - No Equipped in Primetime?

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Episode 89 (4/20/22)
Congrats to Coach James Vang on the birth of his daughter on Monday, April 18! Ellastasia

Meet Results:
Amber Riley - USA Powerlifting Capital City Barbell Championships
6/9 Day
92.5 kg squat (PR Squat)/55 kg bench (tied PR Bench)/135 kg deadlift (PR Deadlift & Florida State Record)/282.5 kg total (PR Total)
Broke record of Allison Garden

Voting Results: Round 2
Final Four Voting will take place on Sunday, April 24.
Why did Primetime change to Raw only?
Josh discusses his thoughts and the reasoning behind the decision

PL Situation
After weigh-ins, while warming up, you look at the scoreboard and your forecasted total is 2.5kg behind the forecasted 1st place total. Your last squat warmup felt really light and there are still 2 minutes left to change your squat opener. Should you increase your opening squat so that your total is projected 1st after openers?

New Lifter Tip
Do not choose a coach based solely on their social media presence. Good marketing does not make you a good powerlifting coach. On the flip side, being a good marketer does not make you a bad powerlifting coach. Do your homework and be thorough.

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