Ep. 88 - Customized Programming & Round 1 Results

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Episode 88 (4/13/22)
When talking about customized programming, what does it mean to address weaknesses? How do you approach it?
Weak muscle groups/Imbalances/ Inefficient movement patterns at certain ranges of motion
Voting Results for Round 1

Voting for Round 2 will take place on Saturday, April 16th since Sunday is Easter.
PL Situation
After 2nd deadlifts, you are in 2nd place via bodyweight. On your 3rd deadlift, you can take a 2.5kg jump to move into 1st Place or jump to what you feel you are capable of (10kg jump). If you miss, your competitor doesn't even need to pull their 3rd deadlift to beat you. What kind of 3rd attempt do you take?

New Lifter Tip
Pay attention to whether the warmup weights at a meet are kilos or pounds. If using kilos, 3 reds is not 315 pounds. Agree or Disagree?

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