Raj Interviews Lane | Real Estate Investing for Working Professionals

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In this video, Raj interviews Lane on how a lot of people (like hard-working professionals) commit mistakes when dealing with their retirement funds, how they decide on investments, and how they can maximize the return of their investments (especially in real estate investing).

Easily grasped. Comprehensible.

This will be an eye-opener for you, especially those who are just starting in navigating the path toward financial independence (F.I.).

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3:08 How the Wealthy Create Wealth

5:11 Why 401K Doesn’t Matter

10:17 Passive Investing for Working Professionals

14:44 Role of Mindset to Succeed in Real Estate Investing

25:03 Learn About Family Office Ohana Mastermind

26:24 Investing Recommendations for Working Professionals

36:16 Why Real Estate Investing Is Hot

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