Pruning your rentals + Outsouring debt with Enrich Author Todd Miller

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Thinking of leaving your job due to the company culture and office politics?

Todd Miller is the author of Enrich who has a background as an entertainment executive working in Hollywood.

He joined us to talk about time, wealth, and how he came to a point when he wanted to get fired from his job due to politics in the industry.

PLUS, he shared how he accomplished getting into financial independence, his point of view of debt, and how he gets to “manage” his rental properties.

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0:37 Managing Debt | Buying a Property

11:35 Introduction | Journey to Financial Independence

15:18 Wanted to Get Fired

19:54 Foundation Towards Financial Independence

21:53 Property Portfolio Goals

24:52 “Toxic” Relationship With Debt

29:42 Asset Allocation Management

35:32 End Game Scenario

37:21 Takeaways From Enrich

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