June 2022 Monthly Market Update

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In this June 2022 Monthly Market Update, you’ll notice that migration isn’t confined to individual renters alone but companies are relocating their headquarters for better property setup as well.

There’s an expected monetary policy tightening by the federal reserve due to the current inflation status and effects of war in Russia and Ukraine.

Moreover, there’s still a demand for an apartment, and the influx of people in the migration hotspots brings the cost of real estate to rise.

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1:10 Boeing Headquarters to Relocate in Arlington | Creative Land Development

2:13 Multifamily News | Housing Affordability Crisis

5:15 Economic Growth Forecast | Fannie Mae Cuts Origination Projection

10:00 Multifamily Net Growth Income

12:39 Blackstone Continues Real Estate Acquisitions

13:20 EB-5 & Real Estate

14:47 Migration Hotspots in the Sun Belt | Apartment Renters Lease Status

19:19 Housing Market Dynamics | Apartment Demands

24:49 Current Events (personal)

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