College Admissions Strategy: What Most Don’t Know About

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Have you planned out a college plan for your child?
This episode is still part of investing since, as a parent, you need to take into consideration your kid’s future even while being a real estate investor.
Let your child, the future college student, do the best they can that interests them as a student and not be overstressed.
For the parents, no need to rely on 529!
There are other ways to build up college funds for your kids.
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4:55 Background | Introduction
7:01 Goal of College Counseling
12:09 Factors Affecting the Choice of School
19:50 Strategies Student Needs to Work On
23:26 Process: Understanding How to Get Into a Good College or University
29:14 Student’s Contribution in the Counseling Process
34:10 Limitation of In- Demand Job in the Future
36:43 Ultimate Advice to Parents & Students

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