Coaching Call - 4M Engineer getting started

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Since most of you are fans of coaching calls, we have another one today.
‘John’ is an engineer and has a little bit higher net worth.
His story shows that the road to financial independence is at a slow pace from 0 to $2million. People don’t realize that!
But once you’re up to 4million and above, your net worth (plus your network) expands and moves a lot quicker too.
There are numerous ways to accelerate your net worth and network.
Join the club at, and let us show you how.
5:20 Personal & Financial Background
10:11 Non- Alternative Investing Deal
12:42 Doubts Before Jumping Into Syndication
16:49 Infinite Banking
17:50 Test Investment
19:05 Why Take Money Out of Your Retirement Account
25:47 Strategizing & Exploring Other Options

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