83. Multiple Income Streams: Benefits Of Passive Investing With Peter Kim

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Often, when people are working in lucrative occupations, they have a lot of income coming in, but they do not have control of their time, their income, or their life. That is how today’s guest, Peter Kim felt when he was working full time as a doctor. He saw examples of other successful professionals who had bought back their time through multiple income streams and he decided to learn from them. Today’s episode features physician, entrepreneur, investor, and founder & CEO of Passive Income MD, Peter Kim as he and Jim Pfeifer discuss how you can use multiple income streams to gain control of your life and earn back your time. Peter also talks about the benefits of having the right network and community to find quality operators and mitigate the risks of investing in passive real estate. Tune in to learn more about balancing your time practicing your profession on your terms while enjoying the financial freedom and security you get from passive income streams.

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