Standing For Reason- The University In A Dogmatic Age

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2019.11.03 Our national discourse has become increasingly toxic, irrational, self-absorbed; our leaders and our citizens suffer from an allergy to nuance and complexity. In his new book, Standing for Reason: The University in a Dogmatic Age, John Sexton, NYU president from 2002 to 2015, argues that universities must make the fight against this "secular dogmatism" central to their missions. In conversation with journalist, author, and NYU teacher James Traub, Sexton speaks about the "secular ecumenism" for which the university has long stood, and about the need for a new model of the “global network university” to serve an increasingly interconnected world. John Sexton, Author, "Standing for Reason: The University in a Dogmatic Age" (Yale University Press, 2019); President Emeritus, NYU In conversation with James Traub, Instructor at NYU & at NYUAD; Columnist at; Author of "What Was Liberalism?" (Basic Books, 2019)

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