Sport in the Middle East: Promoting Gender Equality

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Women and women's sport are playing a growing role in promoting equality and cooperation across business and society in the Middle East. From the grassroots level to professional ranks, sport is being used to break down barriers, unite people, and contribute to a tolerant and diverse society. Why does sport--and the rising prominence of women's sport, in particular--have such power to help transform society? What examples are having an impact today? What work lies ahead if we are to continue making progress in this area? Speakers Salma Al Busaeedi, Intercollegiate Athletics and External Sports Relations Manager, NYUAD Ronit Glasman, Head of Marketing and Social Responsibility, Israel Football Association Rob Harris, Global Sports Correspondent, The Associated Press Moderated by Vince Gennaro, Associate Dean & Clinical Associate Professor, NYU SPS Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

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