Tevye's Daughters and the Women of Fiddler

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Fiddler on the Roof is the story of Tevye the Milkman and his struggles to adapt to changing traditions in his little village of Anatevke. But who’s motivating him to adapt to these changes at all?

Tevye has six opinionated, intelligent, and independent women in his life — his wife, Golde, and his five daughters: Tsaytl, Hodl, Khave, Shprintze, and Bielke. Their wits and whims shepherd Tevye through his development and open his eyes to the wide world outside of his established routines and rituals. He is forced to respect new traditions because they are brought to him by people he respects. In context, respecting other men is one thing — respecting the minds and hearts of women was wholly rare.

We had the privilege of speaking to the women of Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish about their feelings on the musical, their characters, and uprooting tradition in favor of the pursuit of lifelong happiness and fulfillment. Jennifer Babiak, Rachel Zatcoff, Stephanie Lynne Mason, Rosie Jo Neddy, Raquel Nobile, and Jodi Snyder appear in this round table discussion, hosted by NYTF communications and social media associate Sarah Jae Leiber.

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