VVSThomas: The Story of San Francisco’s Youngest Hip Hop Producer - Music Matters #55

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VVSThomas: The Story of San Francisco’s Youngest Hip Hop Producer - Music Matters #55
As always constructive criticism is very appreciated, let us know what we can do to make our content more enjoyable , accessible, understandable, and educational for you! Welcome to an AboveTheBridgeMusic.com featured episode of Music Matters. In episode #55 Dante Pellegrino sits down with San Francisco based hip hop VVSThomas for an interview about being sixteen and a hip hop producer, learning music theory, going to art school, creative influences, and pursuing your passion as a young person! VVSThomas has a great Youtube channel, be sure to subscribe using the link below.
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Video Edited by: Dante Pellegrino
Featuring: Dante Pellegrino, and VVSThomas
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