E161: Help My Kid Makes Me Late Every Day-How to Get Your ADHD Child Moving in the Morning-Your Questions Answered

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What do you do when your ADHD child is always making you late? How do you deal with an ADHD kid who takes a hundred years to get ready in the morning or at bedtime (or all the time!)?

Jaymi asks this question about what to do when her ADHD daughter is not moving in our free Facebook community.

Not only is it stressful and frustrating, it creates a domino effect of problems for the rest of the family.

And full disclosure, I was that kid! My mom called me the poky little puppy.

Today I’m sharing 4 ways to lower your stress and teach your ADHD child the skills they need to get moving.

For more support in creating ADHD-friendly morning routines that lower your stress and get you moving out the door faster, grab The Simple Morning Routine for ADHD Moms with Smart Speaker Support.

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