Episode 35 - Bahubali: Kyunki darr ke aage jeet hai-Cinematics of Investing

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The two things that drive all markets are greed and fear. Unfortunately, both of these can impact your ability to make good investment decisions. The key is to be fearless under all circumstances just like Bahubali (the character) and not greedy like his brother, Bhallal dev. Bahubali showed great courage and valour and similarly, investors should have the courage and patience to stay invested for the long-term and not fear short-term market movements.

In this podcast series, Edelweiss Mutual Fund, in collaboration with Saurabh Jain, brings to you simple yet important life and financial lessons with a dash of Bollywood tadka.

Key takeaways:

· Just like you don’t jump off every time the rollercoaster goes down, you should hold on to your investment when the market goes down.

· Follow the famous saying by Warren Buffet, ‘Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy’.

· Courage and the ability to be fearless can help you create a strong long-term portfolio.

You can listen to the podcast on the Edelweiss Mutual Fund website, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcast. We hope you enjoyed this podcast and will tune in to listen to more such podcasts on investing nuggets.

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