MSRcast 269: If I Had Metal

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Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon convene on a hot summer night to bring you their favorite new tracks in Metal! Discussions also range from Alice Cooper, Metallica and Stranger Things, Wolfheart, In Flames, Jasta buying Metalfest, Anthrax, Oceans of Slumber, the Pantera "reunion" and much more!


Fellowship - Oak and Ash - The Saberlight Chronicles Saor - Fallen - Origins Mourning by Morning - Bastard Sanctuary - A Step Away From Light A Step Into Abyss Kreator - Conquer and Destroy - Hate Uber Allies I Lit The Sun - A Shadow - Dolorem Dawn of Destiny - Little Flower - Of Silence Patriarchs In Black - The Submission Bell - Reach For The Scars Cave In - Blood Spiller - Heavy Pendulum Xaon - If I Had Wings - The Lethean Reeking Aura - Pyramid Shaped Plow/The Caretaker - Blood and Bonemeal

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