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Ten years after John Richards declared “Ho Hey” the best song of 2012 and bombarded the KEXP airwaves with it for an entire week, The Lumineers returned (virtually) to KEXP. The band, led by Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, chat with Richards about the fateful moment that Richards pressed play on the CD demo the duo mailed to him before playing songs off their new fuzzy folk record Brightside.

Recorded 01/12/2022.

  1. Brightside
  2. A.M. Radio
  3. Where We Are
  4. Just Like Heaven
  5. Ophelia

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1. Brightside (00:03:03)

2. A.M. Radio (00:06:32)

3. Where We Are (00:10:33)

4. Just Like Heaven (Cure cover) (00:40:14)

5. Ophelia (00:43:25)

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