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“I look cool but on the inside I’m a nervous wreck” - Nick Ashford. As they began their career as performers, Nick and Valerie found some challenges in appearing on stage, as Nick details in this podcast. ”In the early years, I was just uncomfortable. They would put towels around me I’d sweat so much before I’d even go on.” But they also found they enjoyed meeting most anyone could help with songwriting, as Nick explains “I get inspiration from the people I meet. Seems like everybody’s got a story. What people are feeling, that’s what we want to write about.” Their longevity and success may be built on this simple idea, and may be why President Barack Obama has a special version of one of their songs. As Nick says, “You can do it, if you have the energy and the will to do it.”

Songs included: “Found A Cure” “I’m Every Woman” “Solid (as Barack)”

Producer: Joyride Media

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