s03e02: A Conversation with Contributors to a Special Issue of Assessment Update Focused on Learning Improvement

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This episode features contributors to a special issue of Assessment Update focused on learning improvement. Assessment Update is a bimonthly periodical from Wiley for which Stephen Hundley, host of the Leading Improvements in Higher Education podcast, serves as editor. Each of today’s podcast guests have contributed articles to the November/December 2022 issue of Assessment Update. Our guests are Terri Flateby, Megan Good, Julie Morrison, Monica Stitt-Burgh, and Pam Tracy, all of whom are members of the Learning Improvement Community.
This season of Leading Improvements in Higher Education is sponsored by the Center for Assessment and Research Studies at James Madison University; learn more at jmu.edu/assessment.
Episode recorded: October 2022. Host: Stephen Hundley. Producers: Chad Beckner, Caleb Keith, and Shirley Yorger. Original music: Caleb Keith. This award-winning podcast is a service of the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis; learn more at assessmentinstitute.iupui.edu.
Resources referenced in this episode include:
Assessment Update, accessible via the website of the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis: assessmentinstitute.iupui.edu.
Learning Improvement Community: learning-improvement.org.

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