Rob Calhoon / Tim Placher; Something to Offer and There's a Need (S3 E5)

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Today's episode features two fine music educators, Tim Placher, who just retired from the Plainfield School District in Plainfield Illinois and Rob Calhoon, a long-time music educator at the Flossmoor School District about 45 miles east of Plainfield. Tim and rob are fine teachers and have positively impacted a countless number of students over the years, but we brought these fine human beings to the show also because of the amazing stuff they do with their talents outside of the school setting, whether it be event planning and musican wrangling or directing a vibrant church music program or raising funds so that disadvantaged people have the same access to music resources as those that live in more privileged communities.
We have a great talk about what has motivated them, about their teaching philosophies and approaches, and we learn about their approaches to the student who is lacking in the talent category, but are totally in love with the process,
We hope you enjoy this episode of Kites and Strings and the string grabbing and kite flying of two usic eduactors who also find time to satisfy their own
Robs, Non-profit
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