Phoebe Hunt, Musician; My Soul Just Needs to Create (S3 E4)

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In this episode, Steve and Catherine talk with Nashville-based musician, Phoebe Hunt, who Steve met at the artist's hospitality tent at the Frankfort Bluegrass Fest in Frankfort Illinois. Truth be told, Steve and his band, Butterfield Creek, were there because there was a cancellation, they're kind-of local, and Steve could pull the band together within 24 hours. They found that they could hang ok, but a quick search and listen to Phoebe on all the social media and music-source sites, will tell even the most casual listener that Phoebe can more than just hang in that setting with world-renowned musicians.
We dig deep into multiple ideas in this episode, exploring the difference between fiddle and violin, flow state, the totally-creative and amazing adaption on the part of Phoebe as a result of COVID, and how creating/sustaining a business is just as creative as art or music-making. Phoebe shares about how she has collaborated to write songs and about other her side-projects that are amazing in their goal and mission aimed directly at the task of helping everybody bring music into their life.
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