Saturday, October 23, 2021 - What are the PRICES of CARTAGE to STKITTS?

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Saturday is traditionally the toughest crossword of the week, doubly so when Sam Ezersky's the constructor. Both Jean & Mike (solving independently, as is their wont), struggled in the bottom right corner, where a trio of potentially ego-crushing clues awaited -- 42D, Charge for some truckers, CARTAGE (not, as Mike surmised, CARRAGE), 43D, Drawing of the body without its skin, from the French, ECORCHE, and 44D, One of the Lesser Antilles, STKITTS. And other parts of the grid were also challenging. Still, Sam managed to thread the needle between "really, really hard", and "nobody in the continental US other than Rex Parker is going to know this" -- no mean feat. For all that, we give this a hearty 5 squares on the JAMCR scale.

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