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Irreverend reaches 40 this week. To mark the occasion, Revs Daniel, Jamie and Tom review the recent government edict that nightclubs and "crowded venues" will from September only be frequented by the double-vaccinated. We feature an article on biopolitics and the biosecurity state from American priest and scholar Peter Leithart. We also talk about the shocking actions of a vicar in the Church of England who had the temerity to sing a song of praise to Christ in his church building and to bring Bibles into the same. He is rightly being driven out of his job by the parish authorities. It's good somebody is keeping their heads straight in these crazy times!
Our Scripture discussion this week is taken from John 3:16.
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Peter Leithart - From Sword to Syringe
Sky News - Proof of full vaccination condition of entry to nightclubs from end of September
Daily Mail - Church of England vicar, 52, faces the sack for breaking Covid rules after hugging a mourner, singing a hymn with no mask on and putting out Bibles

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